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The First Season
Current to 24 May 2010
With the initial work completed it was time to hit the water and see if this boat was worth the effort.  We borrowed a truck and hauled the Sylvan to Pinawa on the Winnipeg River. My trusty First Mate stood guard while I parked the truck and trailer then your's truly assumed her rightful place on the bridge :)

Everything ran smoothly. With a couple of hours on the river there were only a half dozen minor issues to resolve.

May Long
With the very generous assistance of my neighbour we moved the Sylvan to Rheault Bay on the Wednesday before the May long weekend and I settled in for a few days of live-aboard. From my slip at the end of the dock I have a lovely view to the east, toward Kenora.

Mornings and evenings at the west end of Lake of the Woods were particularly serene and my favorite time to go out for a cruise. Being new to the lake and with the lake being strewn with "Rock Fish" (shallow obstructions of the granite kind!) known for taking the bottom out of a boat, my cruises  tend to be slow with great attention to the GPS and the charts! Even my first day on the lake a local hit a reef damaging his new boat and sending his wife to hospital! (The red arrow indicates Rheault Bay.)

My neighbours at Rheault Bay turned out to be most interesting; a pair of Loons (who often passed so close to the boat as to startle me with their call!), Golden Eagles, Bald Eagles, and even a family of Otters who entertained me for over an hour with their play at the mouth of the marina.

One of my first excursions was to find the safe passage north toward Keewatin and Kenora. Below is a lake view of the bridge connecting the two.

Another excursion was down through the islands southeast of home port.

My Friday excursion was again through the islands to the southeast. Note the faint plume of smoke over the trees in this view looking back to the west.

As I was returning to port, a fire truck with lights flashing was pulling into the marina so I went to see what was happening. The local dump (just a few miles down the road from the marina) had been set alight and the fire was spreading into the bush. The volunteer firemen set out a pump on the dock to fill fire trucks and I spent the rest of the morning helping to man the pump and assist in any way I could.

By Friday afternoon the marina was as busy as a WalMart parking lot on Half-Price day! A constant procession of cars, boats, and people launching, loading, and heading out to the cottage for the long weekend - a good time to just sit and watch the commotion!

Saturday night ferocious thunderstorms rolled though around midnight and my nylon boat top proved to be less than ideal at keeping out such a deluge. With my sleeping bag and clothing mostly dampened by the leaks and drips, I decided to pack up Sunday morning and return home to find a solution to the leaky nylon problem.

June 6
I decided to replace the fabric bow cover with a solid cover to try too eliminate the water problems in the front of the boat  and the new cover was installed on a one-day trip (with a little cruise)

(Click on the picture to see photographs of the sights.)

June 13 & 14
The only work required on the boat was installing the transom lettering so we took the Sunday cruise on the M.S. Kenora, a lovely 2 hour brunch cruise of the fancy cottages on Lake of the Woods complete with historic commentary and great food.
Sunday evening we set out on the newly named Privateer to find an overnight anchorage and found a small sandy beach near Anglican Island where we spent the night. Monday morning we cruised around the south of Treaty Island and up Devil's Gap to Kenora to top up with fuel.

The little Sylvan runs 5.5 Knots average at 1500 RPM (a nice sightseeing speed) and average fuel consumption has been 1.2 gallons/hour (Imperial) - pretty economical!

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