The Journal of My Return To Ice After 36 Years

I have broken my Journal into volumes to make for easier reading (and faster up-loads).

Volume 1
Winter 2006
(Seven Oaks Figure Skating Club & Hazelridge F.S.C.)

The Re-Beginning
(First 22 sessions, and 39 hours on the ice)
Starting as a wobbly-kneed board-hugger, learning to stand without falling (much), finding a coach, learning the basics of forward skating (stroking, edges, cross-overs), building strength on the weak side,

Volume 2
Highlander Spring Skating School
(CanLan Ice Sports)

Sloooooow But Steady Progress
(Sessions 23 to 46, from 39 to 84 hours on the ice)
From the basic to, well, MORE basics! Becoming more confident and solid on forward skating and edges.

Volume 3
Winnipeg Summer Skating School
(Dakota Community Centre)

Still Plugging Away! Backwards
(Session 47 to 61, from 84 to 108 hours on the ice)
Beginning backward skating to back edges and 3-Turns

Volume 4
Highlander Fall Skating School
(various rinks)
Never say die!
(Session 62 to 74)
From basic backwards to Basic Turns & Backward Edges

Volume 5
Winter 2006/07
(various rinks)
(Session 75 to 144)
Building on the basics, developing an Interpretive Program, preparing for competiton

Skate Canada Adult Championships

Volume 6
Spring School
(Dakota Community Centre)
(Session 145 to 177)
Getting backward edges and the beginning of jumps.

Volume 7
Summer School
(Dakota Community Centre)
(Session 178 to 194)
Trying to get back cross-overs and spins. 3-Turns (YUK!)

Volume 8
Winter 2007/08
(Dakota Community Centre)
(Session 178 to 194)
Spins & Jumps

2008 Canadian Adult Nationals
(April 2 - 4, Brampton Ontario)

Volume 9
Spring 2008
(Dakota Community Centre)
The downhill slide continues

Volume 10
Summer School
(Dakota Community Centre)
Trying to recover the losses of the previous 6 months

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