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I spend a few days with my sister in Waterloo (Ontario) before going on to Brampton on Monday (March 31). Unfortunately I didnít get to skate at the Kitchener-Waterloo club so I had a LONG rest before Nationals.

* * * *

I had hoped to walk the 1-1/4 miles to the arena and check out the venue before the competition but cold, rainy, and windy weather put a kibosh on that plan to!

The Meet & Greet at the hotel Tuesday evening was lightly attended and I didnít see anyone there from Skate Canada so there was no official welcome - very disappointing. Again it seemed that adult skating is an ďalso ranĒ .....

* * * *

Wednesday April 2, Introductory Interpretive, Group A

I wasnít very happy with the grouping for Interpretive when I saw the official list - I was grouped with much younger and MUCH more experienced skaters - and had already determined that I was just going to go out there and have fun.

I had practice ice at 13:00 and my system decided to clean itself out shortly after - better that than 10 minutes before competition! It was a strong practice and I felt good about it but the digestive upset that left me very queasy. Trying to keep my water intake up on an empty digestive tract left me worried about having to barf half way through my number! (OR worse yet, having to do something else have way through - GROSS!) Fortunately, when I took to the ice and heard the cheers from the crowd, all that went away and I felt strong and focused. I was very happy with my performance in the Interpretive. When I collected my stuffies and skated back to the boards my coach had a really surprised look on her face. She said ďI have NEVER seen you skate that program THAT WELL!Ē That sort of took the sting out of being 10th out of 10 - LOL!

* * * *

Thursday April 3, Womenís Bronze Free, Group IV

When I woke up Thursday morning I knew right away that I was in trouble! I felt TERRIBLE! I was groggy, tired, and physically wobbly on my feet. I had already decided to forego the Freeskate practice session - I had two hard skates the day before and didnít want to overdo it.

The Freeskate field was, at least, small and I knew I was out-classed but I was going to do what I could. It was nice to see my sister in the stands and the cheers helped brighten my spirits but my jumps had deserted me totally! My attempt at a Waltz jump was more like a 3-turn plus a step and I didnít even attempt the Toe Loop. At least I got some credit (though downgraded) for my spiral sequence and my lousy upright spin and I finished the program which earned me a Bronze.

With my events over I was able to relax, cheer on my friends, and spend some more time with my sister.

So, at the conclusion of the Skate Canada Adult Championships, I came away with my first National medal :) but VERY disappointed with my performance!

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