The 2007


For the remainder of the competition I turned out every day to cheer on the other adults and the Star Skater from my home club (who placed second in Women's Triathlon!). The event wound up with a Sunday brunch hosted by Skate Canada and then it was time to say good-bye to 125 new friends.

In my 57 years I have never experienced an event like the Adult Championships before. The spirit, passion, camaraderie, and sportsmanship were extraordinary! Aside from my few minutes on the ice, the whole experience was pure magic and will linger in my memory for the rest of my days.

It would have been nice to place in my first-ever competition, particularly at Nationals, but being less than 1 point behind the Bronze medalist is satisfying. I learned a great deal about myself, about handling competition, and where I need improvement.

It is also very rewarding to have passed my Pre Introductory Interpretive :-) even though it means I will have to compete at a higher level next time!

After returning to Manitoba I met with my coach and we went over the video of my performance, discussed the whole experience, and began to plan where I go from here.

Returning to the office after nearly two weeks away was hectic and I found the following Saturday completely uncommitted. After pushing myself hard for fourteen months and skating up to eight hours a week it was a strange experience indeed to have no pressing issues or commitments and I found myself feeling rather melancholy. With only three more days until Spring School starts, the melancholia will not last long!

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