The 2007

Calgary Alberta

March 22 -24, 2007

Achieving The Dream!

The host hotel
(Best Western Village Park Inn )
(It will never be the same!)

The Venue
(Father David Bauer Arena)

The Practice Arena
(Norm Bush Area)

A REAL Competition!
Friday March 16

Skate Canada posted the entry list for the Adult Championships and they have divided Pre Introductory Interpretive not just by age but also by skill level, which means rank beginners (like me!) are not competing against people with advanced skills in other disciplines.

Pre Introductory Interpretive just became a REAL competition!!! That puts a whole new slant on next week's competition. Am I happy about it? It means I have a chance at the podium but it also mean I have to earn it on the ice!

The coming week just got a whole lot more interesting!

Travel Day
Sunday March 16

Up at 2 a.m., on the way to the Winnipeg airport by 3 a.m. and through security before 5. Not much to do but doze until the flight loaded at 6:45. The flight to Calgary was uneventful - not even scenery to look at - just solid overcast below us. Calgary airport - just another airport, The Village Park Inn, ok but just another hotel. Met the first of the other adults (Mary) after supper - I think we're going to hit it off.

Pre Event Practice
Monday March 19

We had 2 hours practice time on the competition surface this morning. The ice (of course) hasn't been groomed for the competition yet so it was a bit rough and hard but it was good to get on the Olympic size ice. I was also pleased to find that the altitude didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. I was able to keep up a good pace, get good speed, and not be gasping for air. Everything seemed to be working fairly well - flexibility, edges, turns, squats, knees - everything made it to Calgary! I also realized it has been some time since I skated a full two-hour session so I was pleased to not be overly stiff after and to last it out without being winded.

The ice is noticeably wider and I will have to make VERY sure not to let my program spread out to the full width or I will not be able to keep up to my music!

Time for a soak in a nice hot tub :-)

Denis (left) who arranged the practice ice, Mary (right) and Gerry (back)

Pre Event Practice
Tuesday March 20

This morning’s practice started a little slow and quiet but as more and more adults began filtering in from all parts of Canada the energy level became palpable! Most of the adult competitors know each other from previous years and there is a STRONG sense of camaraderie, but the unfamiliar face is certainly not ignored! I had numerous people  come up and introduce themselves.

Practice was fine. I could feel the effects of yesterday’s strenuous workout – a reminder to take it easy today and tomorrow – and a few twinges from my right ankle. Ok, if I am going to blow my ankle, we’ll save that for the final seconds of my performance on Thursday!

I ran through my program (in parts) and everything was working well. Given enough adrenalin on Thursday, I just might be able to fill the Olympic size ice! Got a few compliments on my poise – compliments are always nice !

Adult social tonight and I have a zillion things to do between now and Thursday morning!

Pre Event Practice
Wednesday March 21

Had an hour at Brentwood today with a few other adults and everything is about as good as it is going to get - edges, turns, backwards, everything working. The right ankle is giving a few twinges as we took it easy on the hard turns.

Feeling confident for tomorrow. As long as I can stave off the nerves and "pull out all the stops", just let 'er RIP, good things are possible.

My "competition coach" is in town and I'll try to hook up with her this afternoon.

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