Dianne's Construction Page 8

Sept. 27
I first tried my hand at parging a few weeks back and found it required a considerable degree of skill, both in preparing the mortar and its application. I would have contracted it out to get it finished this fall but couldn't find a contractor I was happy with.

Parge-All has the unique characteristic during mixing of turning into a dry nearly-solid mass toward the end of the mix and then returning to proper consistency. Since this badly overheated my 1/2 variable speed drill, I set up a frame in the drill press to hold the bucket and prevent it from turning - a MUCH better arrangement!

After loosing a weekend of parging (too hot and dry) I finally got back at it to try again.
With 2 more pails of parging applied (4 out a guesstimated 17) I seem to be developing some technique and also a feeling for the consistency that works best and gives me the finish I want. Now, if I would just get some cooperation from the weather, I have a chance to get this done!

October 2

... to be continued ....