Dianne's Construction Page 7

Sept. 4-7

Summer has finally arrived in Manitoba, at least for a few days. Bright sun (high UV index) and hot temperatures have shortened the construction day (6 am to 11 am) 'cause the old girl just don't take the heat like she used too. Despite a day off for a wedding and the short work days, I managed to finish the trim on the east wall in 2 days. Only two short walls left.

I ran out of 1x4s but on Labour Day Monday I used up most of the 1x6 I had left to do the major trim on the south wall leaving just the 1x4 detailing to do. I also tallied up what (I think) I need to finish the north and south walls.

Sept. 12-13
With a couple more long mornings I managed to finish up the trim on the south walls and complete the north wall.

I think some kind of decorative plaque or diamond would work nicely in the middle of the large rectangular sections just to set them off a bit.

Next step, parging.....

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