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August 2

With the SM hung, it was time for the really exciting work ..... watching paint dry LOL!
To make the final finishing easier, I decided to prime all the trim boards on all sides and to apply the first 2 coats of colour in the shop, leaving just touching up cut edges and the final coat of colour after fitting and parging. Very dull work indeed: prime, let dry, flip, prime, let dry, colour, let dry, another coat of colour, let dry ..... YAWN! Oh well, only 6,482 left to do! (<-kidding!!!) 1x6's done.


August 10
Despite being busy (volunteering at a major skating competition) I managed to get the 1x4's primed and painted and while they were drying, I got the galvanized sheeting done for the west wall so I can bring in the last of the landscaping fill.

Since my dog was tearing up the SM scrambling through her doggy door, a galvanized kick-plate seemed in order.
She seems to have an aversion to any clean surface of uniform colour as you can see by all the muddy paw prints everywhere.!

August 16

Despite taking a week's vacation to work on the house, it rained nearly every day, sometimes for most of the day, but I got a start on putting up the trim to simulate the half-timber construction

August 21
More rain, hardly any nice weather  but I finally finished the west wall.

August 23

With the west wall trimmed, I was anxious to try the parging (Page-All 825) to see if it would adhere and if I could so a half descent job.
DAMN that's tough! There is a LOT of skill and technique in doing descent parging. Maybe by the time I have finished the whole house I will have developed the skill that I will never need again LOL!

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