Dianne's Construction Page 5

July 18
It is surprising what you find when you strip back to the original structure - I didn't know there had been two windows on the main floor of the north wall - makes sense since the rooms were bedrooms before indoor plumbing. It is hard to imagine this 1350 sq. ft. house was once 5 bedrooms (and an outhouse!) I was also disappointed that the upper window had been replaced with a much smaller one.
My 18 foot extension ladder was a might short to reach right up to the peak of the ridge so I had to borrow a 32 foot extension ladder but not having to deal with the eave build-outs, the whole wall was stripped in 4 hours.

July 19
It took a bit over 6 hours to sheet the north wall (9 sheets wide and nearly 4 sheets tall) with only one window and a vent but that also included the 18" galvanized flashing that extends below grade and protects the bottom row of the SM sheeting.

July 24 / 25

The south wall (actually two separate walls) took a day and a half to finish since very sheet had to be cut to match two different roof pitches and made a lot of scrap. Strong gusty winds made handling SM on the porch roof challenging ;-)

Finally all walls are sheeted and the final phase of the project can begin - adding the trim boards and parging.

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