Dianne's Construction Page 4

July 5
One day stripped the cedar, a second day stripped the soffit, fascia, and eave build-out. Another day did the window build-out and started the SM.
I must be getting old! I just don't tolerate the direct sun or the heat well any more. Apparently the days when I could outwork a man half my age are gone.

July 6
Another day and the east wall is ready to excavate for the second row of SM.
It is very annoying that Dow-Corning print on alternate sides of the sheets - makes it impossible to have all the blank sides out.

July 11
On Friday evening I excavated along the foundation wall so it could dry with the intention that I could sweep the remaining dirt off and hang Styrospan on Saturday. Saturday morning I came out to find the sump pump line had come apart at the house and turned the excavation into a moat!
So Saturday's job was to re-excavate to try to get rid of most of the water and mud and to do a new sump pump line. Finally by evening I had most of the dirt knocked away from the foundation wall

I also found where my colony of Garter Snakes have been living - in the spaces behind the stucco over the foundation wall. Unfortunately two were mortally wounded by the bulldozer but five more escaped unharmed (though rather annoyed!)

July 12
Unwilling to get any further behind, I pulled on my rubber boots and went wallowing in the mud on my 60th birthday to finish the east wall.
To my amazement, I found the foundation wall was bowed inward a full 2" so I built out the additional space with extra SM.
 I ALWAYS seem to run out of something and today it was screws!
At least it is done and just needs raking and seeding.

The intent for the rest of my birthday is a nice long shower and to relax with a bottle of Bailey's .... I think I earned it!

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