The Manitoba

I have always had a keen interest in steamships, probably related to my passion for steam and in the fall (2016) I decided to start a sternwheeler model pattered after the sternwheeler Manitoba that plied the Red River in the 1870s.

Not having any experience designing boats, I decided to start with a Dumas kit for the Creole Queen, a VERY challenging kit. The "fit and finish" is attrocious!

Despite the agrivation, progress was slow but steady. The bow was a particular P.I.T.A.! Even after steaming for 2 hours, the 6 strips that make up the bow were so stiff  that laying  them up bordered on the impossible! With the liberal use of glue, clamps, sanding, sealer, and more sanding the bow finally started to look almost-acceptable. More filler and sanding to go yet.

The two supports for the paddle wheel were REALLY crappy wood - VERY weak - so they were built up into box beams with additional wood and filler.

For a little change of pace, I took a break from the hull to build the paddle wheel.

More sanding and finishing to do on the hull before everything gets a coat of plastic epoxy to seal all the wood and make it waterproof.


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