Stained Glass
(Creating stained glass panels for the Grandfather Clock)

The intent from the initial design of the grandfather clock had been to equip it with six stained glass panels (where most commercially build clocks had either clear glass or wooden panels) so I had acquired the inventory of stained glass from an older lady who was going out of the hobby.

I had built a temporary table some 8 feet long and 30 inches wide to assemble the side frame of the grandfather clock so I decided to turn this table into my permanent glass working table in the basement so the 1/2 ply tabletop was glued and screwed to a 2x4 frame for solidity and fitted with legs. Two 4-foot fluorescent lamps were hung over top of the table and two duplex outlets provided on the back apron for glass working tools.

With the work area equipped, I laid out the table with a straight edge, a right angle corner, and marked out the profile for the first clock panel.

Then it was time to try my hand at stained glass! I have lots of experience cutting window glass but stained glass was a whole new field.
The panel design is to have a clear section in the center and to form a 2" border with random shapes and colours. The entire panel is to be done in lead came so I jumped right in and started cutting!

This is going to be FUN! I enjoy working with glass and lead!
First edge of first panel completed.

Stained glass windows are built from one corner to the diagonally opposite corner, the only way to be able to assemble all the pieces so I started a second panel while waiting for my clear glass, the next part of each panel. There will be a total of six panels for the grandfather clock.

I finally picked up the clear glass and finished the first of the six panels for the clock (well, except for cleaning the glass LOL!) Three more panels and almost 1/2 finished so they wont take long. The second panel was done in 2 hours.


The panel for the upper front was to be the most difficult panel with it's half circle for the moon dial, the odd shaped pieces of glass, and the fact that it had to alight with the clock dial once mounted in the door. Being a novice at stained glass, I didn't have a lot of confidence in my ability to do a good job but all came out okay!

The two upper side panels were finished in short order and the the last panel, the lower door was completed and installed, thus finishing the grandfather clock project

More later, as work progresses ......

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