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In 1995 I decided to finally make a scale model traction engine, a project that had been in the back of my mind for many years. I found the engine I wanted to model in 1980 - an 1887 Russell 10 Horsepower engine located in Pilot Mound, Manitoba, the oldest operating traction engine in the Province. I had previously documented and photographed the engine and  the death of my father and one of the Russell owners prompted me to action.

In August I began searching for a boiler shop that could provide approved materials and complete the pressure welding and for a foundry who could do sand casting in gray iron. Scale drawings were done in AutoCAD and I began turning out foundry patterns by September, a total of 72 patterns for 76 castings. Through the winter I did all the fitting and tack welding  of boiler plate, preparation of castings, and by January 1996 assembly began. First steam was in July and the engine was operational by the end of the month - 12 months from beginning to end.

The model is 1/2 scale (6" to the foot) 9 feet long, weighs 1675 pounds dry, and operates at 150 PSI. In the winter of 1996/97 I completed the water wagon and in 1997/98 I build a 1/2 scale wooden working model of a 24/36 Waterloo threshing machine. The thrashing outfit was shown and demonstrated at various agricultural fairs throughout Manitoba and North Dakota for the next few years.

In 2001 I wanted to do some minor earth-moving around my property, particularly digging up moving some large stones and Hawthorne trees from my yard. I looked for a small crawler but the prices were a bit much. I was offered the remains of an Oliver OC-46 by a generous neighbour but it needed a LOT of work and the cost of rebuilding would be about the same as purchasing an operational machine. When I researched the serial number, I found it was built in 1952 and was unit #12 off the assembly line and would be the earliest gas powered Oliver currently in operation. I couldn't let serial number 12 go to scrap so it got rebuilt and put to work.


In 2004 I got the urge to build a model of a working Gattling Gun in .22 caliber but regulations would not have permitted it so I decided to build a 1/3 scale model of an American Civil War 6-Pounder. It consists of a structural steel barrel liner, a bronze barrel, and a hand-made carriage in White Oak - even the chains and fittings were fabricated from scratch! It fires a 1" lead ball, 1/5th of a pound each, using 1/2 Ounce of Black Powder. At the range it put the 1" ball 7" into a solid oak log!

Restoring a 1936 National Steel Guitar

3D Printing

Steam on rails
The American 4-4-0
in Live Steam

Me & Clocks!

My HO Railroad

Stained Glass
(part of the grandfather clock project)

Building a Grandfather Clock

*** Streetcar 356 ***

My 1936 Singer Treadle
Sewing Machine

3D Printing

Richard Trevithick's
Coalbrookdale locomotive, 1803
The FIRST stream locomotive!
Page 1 - Background & initial boiler fabrication
Page 2 - Foundry patterns & boiler testing

My 2014 Construction Project

A small R/C Wall-E

Motorcycles & Sidecars!

The 1967 Honda CA77 "Dream" (Page 1)
Dream Page 2

The Sternwheeler Manitoba

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