The Coalbrookdale Locomotive
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With the boiler nearly ready for hydrostatic testing, it was time to get on to the patterns for the foundry!

Circular patterns were rough-cut on the bandsaw, the outer diameter turned on the lathe, and then the spokes an inner radius cut on the milling machine. A centre axle was fitted to the rotary table to affix the pattern pieces and a piece of hardboard was used to allow milling completely through the pattern piece. After milling, each piece receives a preliminary sanding, filling of any imperfections, and will be sanded, painted, and varnished before going to the foundry.


After locating the club's hydrostatic test pump, it was time to give the boiler its first test at 2x the working pressure. After addressing a couple of very minor leaks, the boiler passed with flying colours.

With the hydrostatic test completed, it was time to work toward a steam test and that meant tackling the front and rear smokeboxes.
Working in annealed brass sheet it was easy to form the profiles, transfer the shape to flat sheet for the covers, and then silver solder.


The smokestack is temporary for the steam test and then may be replaced with a more detailed stack.


More to follow!

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