3D Printing

While working on my recent model engineering project I had reached the point where I needed to produce patterns for the foundry, a total of  6 patterns. I had done patters previously (74 patterns for the 1/2 scale Russell) in the traditional fashion, made from wood and highly finished. Although traditional pattern-making can be satisfying, it is also demanding and time-consuming so when someone mentioned making patterns by 3D printing, my interest was piqued, particularly since I already had 2D CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings on the computer, I began researching 3D drafting programs and 3D printing.

I found cost-effective 3D drafting programs and basic 3D printers were within my price range so I spent a few weeks learning 3D drafting and ordered a 3D printer kit known as a RepRap style printer.

The printer kit arrived on a Monday and was assembled and calibrated by the following Wednesday and in the four days 9 patterns were printed for the Coalbrookdale locomotive. Since the investment casting process will be used, the originals are lost in the process so 1 Pattern is required for each part to be cast.

After completing the patterns I decided to rewire the printer to clean up the rat's nest and make the printer ready for an enclsure.

More will be added as more printing is done.

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