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Re-Fitting the  American
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After all the work of re-plumbing the American, the injector wouldn't pick up (draw water) so I bought another injector ($$$) and the NEW injector wouldn't pick up either! Nothing I tried would fix the problem :(

After numerous discussions with the manufacturer it was determined that be best course of action  was to re-plumb the whole system (again) to provide the new injector with its own supply of filtered water. This would necessitate MAJOR work on the tender and was NOT something I was looking forward to!

At least it would give me a chance to get rid of the old water fittings - some kind of big, bulky proprietor fittings that I have never seen before. (Good riddance!)

To accommodate the minimum number of connections between the tender and engine, the hand pump and bypass line would have to move to the opposite side of the tender and be combined to a single line. To combine the two functions, the line from the hand pump needed to Tee into the bypass valve. After considerable head-scratching I figured out how to do it.

Soldering in the new connections pretty much cooked whatever sealing material the original builder used to waterproof the tender so a coating of elastometric paint was in order.

It took THREE attempts to get everything to fit together properly but after THREE days, the tender plumbing was complete.

After all  that, there was a new coat of paint for the tender.

Now it is on  to the ENGINE (again).

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