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Re-Fitting the  American
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While waiting for rough castings to complete the plumbing, I decided to start on the detailing.
The wheels got red centres and white rims.

And the cow-catcher got a coat of red as well.

Even after using quality paint stripper on the cab, I had to take it apart to clean the accumulation of old paint out of the inside corners.

Once wire-brushed, it was back together for primer and then a first coat of paint.


Got the cab back on (temporarily) to decide whether or not to paint the roof. Decided to leave it black.

Headlamp back on (to stay).

Made a new number from brass sheet, renumbering from #1 to #7

Got the new number plate on.

Spent a LONG morning figuring out how to fit all the new plumbing into the existing cab space!

And the work continues! Maybe the end is in sight ......

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