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VV The way I normally feel! VV

(Mischief incarnate!)

About Me

My Summer's Construction Project
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Adult Competitive Figure Skating
(My insanity!)

The Sylvan Project
Restoring an 1987 21' Sylvan

The Lonestar
A 1966 24' Cabin Cruiser

Season #1
(History, purchase, wheelhouse roof)

Winter Work Part 1
(Moving batteries, new helm, doghouse, turtle deck, new storage)

Winter Work Part 2
(Fridge, solar panel, hardtop)

Canvas Work
(A camper top for the new roof line)

(Final work for 2011)

My Projects Page
(New creations)

R/C Video Submarine

The Hounds
My involvement with Basset Hounds and Bloodhounds over the years.

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