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Harley Davidson
Charging System Mods

After loosing the charging system on my 2002 FXD. I changed the voltage regulator. When disconnecting the regulator from the stator, I found the connection full of primary oil. Some research led me to a Service Bulletin indicating HD was aware of the problem. Their "proposed fix" seemed inadequate to me so I went a step farther.

My stator was also damaged so I removed the grommets from the wires on the new stator and applied a drop of thin CA adhesive to the wire end (NOT the connector contacts!)  and installed the wires into the connector housing.

I taped upper portion of the connector tightly to keep water out but only taped loosely around the bottom, around the stator wire. If any oil gets through to the connector, this should allow it to drain out rather than continue migrating to the regulator and destroying it.
I re-mounted the connector to the left down-tube as high as practical (as per the HD Service Bulletin).

Hopefully that will stop oil  from migrating into the new regulator and save me from another $450 repair!

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