1966 Lonestar
Finishing Up
(Spring 2011)

With the canvas work done, it was time to start the final work, first of which was to replace the drive and exhaust bellows, and replace all the heater hoses.

Finally got a break in the weather and got the grab rails on the wheelhouse and hardtop (April 23) just before the rain came!

The roof still needs a coat of good roof paint but I reset the handrails in 5200 as well as stripping and cleaning the hull along both sides of the keel before applying a coat of Gluvit (April 30). I found the keel had been seriously damaged a few feet aft of the bow and repaired but the area of the repair left a small gap to the hull - obviously the source of the leak that someone had tried to repair by fiberglassing the entire length of the keel strip on the INSIDE! (Why do people insist on trying to fix leaks from the inside instead of at the source????)  Hopefully, between Gluvit and 5200, the water simply wont get behind the keel any more.

The following weekend (May 7) I borrowed a (leaky) stock tank from a neighbour, lined it with plastic, and filled it with water to test run the engine. At first the engine would not start (although it cranked well) and the problem was traced down to no power to the ignition coil - someone had modified the wiring on the engine harness. (Why did that not surprise me?) With that problem corrected, the engine fired right up. I corrected a problem with the tachometer being wired backwards (the terminals are not marked) and found the oil pressure gauge not working (reads either full scale or zero). I also found that the cooling system was not taking water in from the outdrive, even after priming, and the intake line appears to be plugged. Even with muffs, I can not get water to the pump!

The oil pressure sender was replaced and the cooling problem was traced to vapour lock between the second stage pump and the block. I also installed the seacock for the water purification system.


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