1966 Lonestar
Canvas Work

March 26 & 27 2011
With the previous top badly deteriorated, I knew I HAD to do new canvas (which was part of the incentive to add the hardtop) though I had never done any kind of canvas work. Of course I started with the most complex panel! It didn't come out great and maybe I will redo it if there is enough material left over.

The starboard panel, my second attempt, came out better.

And, since the weather was cooperating (for a change) I got a chance to get primer on the hardtop extension.

The most complex canvas was the stern  panel and it took two whole days to complete! With a full width screen, a roll-up clear window, angled and tapered sides, and complex corners, it was  A REAL BEAR and resulted in some un-ladylike language and a few seams ripped and re-done. Finally after blood shed and frustration, it was completed. It should provide a great view over the stern underway.

Despite rather drizzly weather, I managed to complete the two remaining panels (April 9 & 10) leaving only a few minor details to be done. It is a little rough but will have to do for my first attempt at canvas work. The roll-up windows should be nice in the summer and the two mid panels (port & starboard) are divided in two sections to make it easy to open only one section at dock side. Roll-up windows eliminate the need to store extra (clear) panels when using only screens. Cloth curtains will be added on the inside for privacy and shade.


The Lonestar's new dress :)

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