Me and My Hounds

I had known a Basset Hound when I was young, owned by an Aunt and Uncle in the next town, and I had always been impressed by the Basset temperament so when my husband suggested an indoor dog, the Basset Hound was my first choice.

I found a Basset breeder locally who was expecting a litter and Fiveacres Sweet Georgia Browne joined our lives that spring. Gina was raised as a show dog, along with her brother Shot (don't ask about the name - it was my husband's choice!) and both completed their Canadian Championship. Gina was subsequently bred and produced a litter of seven puppies, all of whom earned their Canadian title and one, Boss, went on to sire a number of Canadian Champions.

During "The Basset Years" I was also introduced to the Bloodhound. I had only known one Bloodhound when I was young but in the Manitoba show circuit I met Cathy Brey and her dogs, Bill Ledford and his hounds, and Gerry Bey, the only other local Bloodhound owner at the time. I was in love with the breed and acquired Trackalot's Tourmaline Abigail about 1984. Abby was purchased as a show dog but turned out to be shy so I turned my attention toward Search & Rescue. Over the following two years Gerry and I trained her dog Mandy and my Abigail in man-trailing.

After my divorce in 1993 it was just Abby and I for another seven years. When Abby passed away, I could not bare to be without a Bloodhound and Mason-Trillium's Berthe Morrisot joined me in the spring of 2000.

Bertha inspired a series of posts to The Bloodhound Bunch message board over the next few years, stories that are included on Berthe's page here:

Berthe's sudden loss left a great void in my life, one that was soon filled by another Mason dog, Peaches

I had always thought that Peaches should have a companion, a baby sister to keep her company while I was away at work, but never seemed to get around to looking for one. With Peaches sudden loss, I knew I couldn't be without ANY Bloodhound! And that is how baby Bella came into my life.

A day without a Bloodhound is like a day without sunshine!

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